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Kapeka Cashmere Stole


ブランド名: カペカ (Kapeka)

商品番号: 501116


  • 免税価格$ 400.00
  • 税込価格$ 460.00

Our Classic Cashmere Stole - There are many different ways to wear it, it features a secret slip on each of the ends so you can slide it and slip it into each other to give a unique look.

Made out of our exclusive and luxurious Mahana blend. Crafted out of Cashmere, Merino and Possum down this stole is unique, luxurious and made to last.

Features in our elegant and wearable colour ways; Cream, Stream and Camelia. 

Blend: 40% Cashmere, 40% Super-fine Merino wool, 20% Possum down

Made in New Zealand