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Possum Merino Kiwi Socks


ブランド名: カペカ (Kapeka)



  • 免税価格$ 34.78
  • 税込価格$ 40.00

Kapeka's Possum Merino Socks featuring New Zealand's iconic Kiwi or Sheep - super soft, hard-wearing fabric and unique!
Unisex design and Mid-calf length.

Natural. Sustainable. Powerful. Fabrics using Quality Merino Wool.
Thermoregulating, quick-drying, comfortable and easy to care for.

The best socks your feet will ever meet.

Wear these casually day-to-day, around the house or out hiking and other outdoor activities

Kiwi logo socks are available in Grey and Black.
Sheep logo socks are available in Blush Pink and Natural


Composition: 55% Merino Wool, 21% Elastane, 15% Possum, 9% Nylon

Fernmark Certified Licence No. 100196
Made in New Zealand.