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Homeware - kitchenware

Coffee Cup Tea Time Sheep

$ 12.96

It's tea time! Enjoy your favourite brew with this Teatime Sheep Coffee Cup.Cute, novelty cups that everyone will love! Size: 8cm, Height 9.5cm   


Reactive Glaze Kiwi Mug-Black

$ 12.96

Reactive Glaze Kiwi Mug is great for yourself or give as gifts. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Color: Black


モアナロード (Moana Road) エナメルマグ マウントクック

$ 12.96

マウントクック キャンプ場デザインのエナメル マグカップで、お気に入りのコーヒーやスープをお楽しみください。 アウトドアでも自宅でも楽しめる、ニュージーランドデザインのマグカップです。 サイズ: S 10cm


Beeswax Wrap Kiwiana Medium

$ 14.70

Hexton Bee Company Beeswax Food Wraps are a totally natural, eco-friendly and reusable alternative to single-use traditional cling-wrap. Handmade with all natural ingredients including 100% cotton, pure NZ beeswax from...


Tea Towel-Fern and Tiki

$ 8.61

New Zealand plants, Kiwi bird and Tiki on the tea towel.  size: 47cm × 81cm


NZ Birds & Plants Pot Holder

$ 9.48

A pot holder shows New Zealand Native birds and Plants. Size: 18cm x 18cm


Natures Gallery Apron

$ 17.30

Apron - New Zealand Natures Gallery Beautiful New Zealand native birds and plants are printed on the apron. Ideal gift for those love cooking. When wearing it,  you love cooking...




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