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1. What is Aotea Wellness

Aotea Wellness is an online store owned and operated by Aotea New Zealand Online Limited which is part of the Aotea Gifts group of companies. 

Aotea Wellness curates the best natural products from across New Zealand for your well-being. 

  • Wellness from within, Aotea provides the best Manuka honey & health supplements.  
  • Wellness from without (external), Aotea provides the best skincare products from NZ

What is our wellness:

  • To Kiwi’s wellness  refers to a healthy outdoor active lifestyle together with a work and life balance. 
  • New Zealand’s population density is low compared to many other countries and the ability to enjoy the local environment is close at hand. The population is generally aware of their fitness and the importance of what they put into their bodies. Sport and accessing the outdoors is an important part of peoples lifestyle. 

Why worry about your wellness:

  • Wellness is especially important because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity and fall risk behaviors.
  • The need for vitamins and minerals increase as we age and whether you are accessing them through your normal food intake. 
    • So it is important to have a healthy diet with the right mix of vitamins and minerals associated with your age. 




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