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Aotea Gifts - Fashion

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Paua Shell - Silver tone plated pendant

$ 30.35

Paua Shell - Silver tone plated pendant Features Paua Shell set in a clear dome of jewellers resin. Created here in Carterton, New Zealand made - Naturally!


Pendant Jade Toki Short Mini

$ 52.96

New Zealand Jade Jewellery - its beauty and preciousness is beyond description. When looking at it, you just feel calm, relaxed, and happy. This ornamental stone jewellery is an ideal...


Pendant NZ Jade Manaia Small

$ 126.87

Jade Pendant - Manaia   A very beautiful, green ornamental stone jade, which is known as pounamu that means greenstone in Maori. For Maori people. it is regarded as a treasure.  Manaia...




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